The Balloon Fishing Clip Simplifies The Process

Published January 24th, 2020 by MZL Creations, Inc.

“Before, when I was tying balloons directly to the lines, you had to worry about the balloons spinning (in the wind) while the boat was moving, so we couldn’t tie it on until we were ready to fish, and the (spent) balloons can be a pain to remove from the line,” said Park, who competes in kingfish tournaments. “This clip removes that margin for error, and when you one fish can be worth $50,ooo, any margin of error we can remove is helpful.”

The Balloon Fishing Clip is ideal anytime depth control is paramount, be that in freshwater or saltwater. It fastens to the line easily, requires very little effort to fasten balloons to and can be removed from the line just as easily.

Park, who primarily fishes with live bait, has found the Balloon Fishing Clip to be a tool that removes most of the hassles normally associated with balloon fishing, which allows him to concentrate on catching fish.

He likes to use balloons to put out multiple lines when slow trolling, a popular technique for those chasing kings. The balloons keep the bait—typically menhaden—in the strike zone.

But a major hassle in the past has been that the pre-rigged balloons spin around the line, causing tangles, as the angler searches for fish. The remedy had been to wait until he’d arrived at his fishing spot to begin rigging, something that can take 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how many rigs he has to set up.

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