• Floating your bait under a balloon can be an extremely effective way to catch fish.  That process has never been easier or safer now that Balloon Fisher King has come to our market.

    TheOnlineFisherman.com / Product Editorial
  • Fishing balloons just got much easier with the new Balloon Fisher King clip.

    www.BDOutdoors.com / “On The Wire” Product Review
  • Loved the Balloon Fisher King!  It made balloon fishing a hell of alot easier.

    www.StripersOnline.com / Product Review – Balloon Fisher King – “A Game Changer”
  • We fished your balloon attachments last night and they worked great for swordfish.  Very impressive.

    Captain Bouncer Smith
    Miami Beach, FL
  • Works Great.  I like the fact that it takes a split second to remove when it gets to the tip of the rod.

    Joshua Hoach
    Mobile, AL
  • The product is first class.  I have used it and would highly recommend it.

    Barry Turano
    Cape Fear Anglers (CFA)
  • Just picked some up at the local tackle shop when I got my bait.  Used them on Saturday and loved them.  Great product!

    Sneads Ferry, NC
  • I use balloons to float a live bait for cobia while bottom fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and for tarpon in shallow water in the Summer.  I used to hate having a piece of balloon always stuck on my line and your product takes care of that issue.

    Tallahassee, FL
  • I just wanted to let you know that I used your balloon rig yesterday and we caught a 35 lb. Cobia.  It worked perfectly!

    Capt. Steele Park
    OIFC, Ocean Isle, NC
  • I used your method and rig to catch Spanish all day on Tuesday.  Love it!

    North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association (NCKFA) Angler

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