Balloon Fishing For Stripers

Published September 12th, 2017 by MZL Creations, Inc.

Great testimonial below from earlier this Summer!

Last weekend we were fishing in Kennebunkport Maine with Capt. Bruce Hebert and we were using balloons to float Mackerel and Pollack as live bait along the rocky coastline fishing for Stripped Bass. I found it very interesting how they floated and moved with live bait on a 6 foot drop. I have used 4” bobbers in Casco Bay, Portland to Boothbay Harbor and the Kennebeck River, both in Maine. The wind didn’t effect the balloons as it does bobbers and they work fantastic when the fish strikes the bait, there is so much less resistance than is created by bobbers.” So talking with Bruce, he said, “fishing with balloons is a complete game changer… The ratio of hooked fish is so much more than missed strikes and pulled bait due to bobber drag. I have taken all bobbers off my boat and we will be fishing with FisherKing Balloons this weekend. Here is a pic of a 28” fish I caught last weekend.

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