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Balloon fishing is really nothing new and has been around for years and used for saltwater, freshwater, offshore, nearshore, inshore, lake and river fishing. The intent is for a balloon to serve as a large float, suspending either live or dead bait at the desired depth under the surface of water, within the water column, or off the bottom. The balloon is usually attached to the fishing line via time-consuming, jury-rigged attachment and removal methods that include tying, rubber bands or swivels, among many other techniques. 

The Balloon Fisher King system was specifically designed to make balloon fishing faster, easier and far more effective than ever before. The custom Balloon Clip is re-usable, quick and easy to use, attaches and removes a balloon from fishing line in just seconds, and provides precise bait depth control. We also use only high quality, biodegradable, 100% natural latex balloons (ie., plant-based) which are easier on the environment compared to inferior, synthetic party store balloons which typically also pop very easily.

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Introducing Fisher King Weight Clips

Watch this short, instructional Fisher King Weight Clip video to learn how to attach a weight clip to your fishing line. 

(Courtesy of Captain Ryan Van Fleet / Good Karma Sportfishing)

Fisher King Weight Clips evolved straight from feedback from anglers. Many fishermen came to us and told us how effective Balloon Fisher King balloon clips were for easy attachment and removal of sinkers to fishing line. 

So, we listened and developed Fisher King Weight Clips! Our Fisher King Weight Clips are made from maximum durability plastic material and stainless-steel snaps. So, they are reusable and allow for easy push-button, on and off attachment of fishing weights to line and provide adjustable depth control to allow anglers to fish the entire water column. 

Fisher King Weights Clips are most effective for eye and bank sinkers and are available in 3 sizes depending on sinker size and can be used for both freshwater and saltwater purposes.

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Another short, instructional Fisher King Weight Clip video showing how to attach a weight clip to your fishing line.

(Check out our YouTube channel and our How To Use page to watch more videos!)

Here's Another Tip

Our clips also work great as a quick and easy down weight clip to drop live or dead bait into the water column!


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Balloon Fishing For Stripers

Great testimonial below from earlier this Summer! Last weekend we were fishing in Kennebunkport Maine with Capt. Bruce Hebert and we were using balloons to float Mackerel and Pollack as live bait along the rocky coastline fishing for Stripped Bass. I found it very interesting how they floated and moved with live bait on a 6 foot drop. I have used 4” bobbers in Casco Bay, Portland to Boothbay Harbor and the Kennebeck River, both in Maine. The wind didn’t effect the balloons as it does bobbers and they work fantastic when the fish strikes the bait, there is ...

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Balloon Fishing for Kingfish in New Zealand

Here’s a recent pic provided by a customer in New Zealand using Balloon Fisher King balloon clips.  Recognize this monster fish? In New Zealand it’s called a kingfish.  In the US, it’s an amberjack (aka, “reef donkey” and for good reason…).  Balloon Fisher King provides 100% natural latex, biodegradable balloons in many sizes based on bait weight, but larger 9″ balloons are used as floats by many NZ anglers since the live bait used to target big kingfish are usually 4 to 6 lb “kahawai” and also mackerel which ...

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Pier Fishing With Balloon Fisher King

It’s always great to receive positive Balloon Fisher King testimonials. Here’s one recently received from an angler in Venice FL that uses Balloon Fisher King for pier fishing and also with a sabiki rig for bait fish. Check out the picture of the bait fish haul in just 1 hour! “I have no words to explain how effective at catching fish this Balloon Clip is. I am a professional fisherman fishing about 2-3 times a week. And this clip has not only helped me catch game fish like Shark, Cobia, Barracuda, and Kingfish, but I have ...

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