Kayak Fishing with Balloon Fisher King

Published September 14th, 2014 by MZL Creations, Inc.

More and more kayak anglers are finding out about and fast becoming users of Balloon Fisher King. Kayak fishing is all about efficiency, so the reasons are pretty straight forward.

Balloon Fisher King is an ideal suspension float for any type of live or dead bait. The balloon clips are reusable, allow for balloon attachment and removal from fishing line in seconds, and provide precise bait depth control for under the surface or off bottom structure. The balloons don’t take up limited space on a kayak like traditional floats. Plus the balloons are high quality, 100% natural latex and will not pop or tear easily like cheap, synthetic latex balloons, so you can use the same balloon throughout the entire day.

Mark Patterson of the North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association (NCKFA) uses Balloon Fisher King for kingfish and spanish mackerel in saltwater and hybrid bass and night-time flathead catfish (using Night Fisher) in freshwater. Captain Jerry Dilsaver a regular speaker at NCKFA kayak fishing seminars has this to say about Balloon Fisher King, “I like that it can be added or removed quickly and doesn’t leave a wrap on the line like the rubber bands I was using.”

Word of mouth travels fast and that is good news for Balloon Fisher King with kayak anglers!

FREE PRO PACK 5″ OFFER: We’re always looking for new pictures or video for our website gallery, so send us your pictures or video of any fish landed using Balloon Fisher King (include the balloon clip + balloon in the image) and we’ll send you a FREE Pro Pack with 5″ inch Balloons (includes 5 balloon clips + 10 5″ latex balloons). Send the pictures or video along with your name and shipping address to info@balloonfisherking.com.

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