Balloon Fisher King at Miami International Boat Show

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The annual Miami International Boat Show, aka “The Greatest Boat Show in the World”, will be this weekend February 13 – 17 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Balloon Fisher King products will be on display and available for purchase thru Miami Boat Show exhibitor Crook & Crook, our newest dealer and a major South Florida fishing tackle and marine supply retail location.

Using balloons as a float for live bait fishing can be deadly for targeting monster saltwater or freshwater predators up and down the water column. However, fishing with balloons can certainly be a hassle. Balloon Fisher King – “The Original Balloon Fishing Clip” – attaches and removes a balloon to the line in seconds and provides bait depth control. Balloon Fisher King also uses 100% natural latex, biodegradable balloons.

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Balloon Fishing For Fresh Water Striper

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We first heard from Captain Joe James back in August.  Joe had seen a Balloon Fisher King ad in The Angler magazine and was intrigued by the convenience of the balloon clip.  Joe knows a thing or two about balloon fishing rigs having used balloons for 40+ years targeting monster fresh water striper and hybrid bass.  He is also a long-time member of the Percy Priest Hybrid and Striper Fishing Club just outside Nashville, TN.  Captain Joe’s credentials include 6 Angler Team of the Year awards and 4 club records.

Joe states that balloon fishing is quite effective for raising big striper and hybrid bass with the inflated balloon serving as a float for suspending 14” to 16” skipjack he uses as live bait, or for drifting the bait away from the cover of the boat.  However, the problem has always been the balloons are attached to the fishing line with a rubber band to ”release” the balloon from the line whenever there is a strike so the angler doesn’t have to fight the balloon when landing the fish.  A lot of times, just a bite will produce the same outcome and sometimes even a burly, live skipjack can cause the balloon to release.  Obviously, this can lead to a lot of lost fishing time chasing down released balloons, which is never a good thing especially when tournament fishing.

Joe says the Balloon Fisher King clip now provides a solution to “efficiently fish with balloons”.

“The clips and balloons are real easy to attach and remove,” Joe stated, “so there is no lost time retrieving balloons.  Plus the clips provide depth adjustment for the bait.  We’ll put three, four, or five balloons out with skipjacks and use the clips as a fish finder setting the baits at different depths.  We mark the bait depth on the balloons, then when we get a strike we know where the fish are so we’ll adjust all the clips to the same bait depth and pass over the same spot again.  If the fish move deeper or shallower in an hour, which they often will, we’ll repeat the process to find them again”.

Joe also likes the grip the balloon clip provides to the 40 lb. braid he uses which allows for slow trolling at ¾ to 1 mile per hour without any concern for balloon clip slippage on the braided line.

Thanks much to Captain Joe James for the fantastic support and spreading the news of Balloon Fisher King!  By the way, Captain Joe landed a 20 lb. striper which was the largest fish caught in a recent tournament and by way of a Balloon Fisher King rig.

Balloon Fisher King at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

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Big thanks to our friends at Florida Sport Fishing Magazine for representing Balloon Fisher King at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show beginning tomorrow and running thru next Monday.  This is a massive, annual show with a premier, international sportfishing audience.

Florida Sport Fishing will be distributing Balloon Fisher King Starter Packs to new subscribers of Florida Sport Fishing Magazine.  If you will be attending, stop by the Florida Sport Fishing exhibit in the Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center.

Balloon Fisher King is the “original” balloon fishing clip and provides a quick and easy way to attach / detach a balloon to any fishing line type, plus provides bait depth control, and uses only 100% natural latex, biodegradeable balloons.

Striper Fishermen Impressed With The Balloon Fishing Clip

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If you’re looking to chase stripers this month—if you aren’t, you should—be sure to check out an excellent write-up of Balloon Fisher King appearing on Stripers Online.  The site had some of its members test the product, and not surprising, they were impressed. We’re proud, though not surprised, for we’ve been hearing for some time now that our Balloon Fishing Clip has made traditional Balloon Fishing rigs a thing of the past.

Here’s what one member had to say:

“Loved the Balloon Fisher King! It made balloon fishing a hell of a lot easier. For the sake of this test I primarily used the smaller (5-inch) balloon with chunked bunker. I targeted stripers and blues and ran into a good amount during my tests. The first week it was all blues.

“The most memorable outing was when the blues were pushing…bunker. I made a cast with the [Balloon Fisher King setup], and it worked like a charm. The clip holding the balloon never slipped up or down the line during my outing. (This would be a problem of mine when using just a regular old balloon.) All who have fished for blues before know how hard they hit. So the fact that the clip held the balloon on the spot I wanted it to be was impressive.”

That’s just part of one of the testers’ comments, but as you can see, the Balloon Fishing Clip takes the hassle out of fishing with balloon rigs. Not only does the clip not slip or allow balloons to spin, resulting in wind knots, but it’s durable as well, standing up to multiple outings.

What’s more, the clips are a cinch to remove as well, making it a must-have when chasing erratic, aggressive biters like stripers and bluefish.

Also, we have balloons to handle whatever size of bait you decide to use.

But don’t take our word for it. Visit Stripers Online and check out what fellow anglers have to say about the Balloon Fishing Clip.

You can come back here to purchase your clips and balloons.

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What Can I Catch With A Balloon Rig?

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Instead of asking “What can I catch with a balloon fishing rig? it might be better to ask “What can’t I catch with a balloon fishing rig?”
As we’ve shared numerous times with reader everywhere, the options really are endless when it comes to fishing with our Balloon Fishing Clip.
Thankfully, the folks at have taken up that task by doing a thorough job in a recent blog of highlighting many of the species balloon fishing rigs can be used to catch.

The site, which is one of the most popular saltwater sites for West coast anglers, did a fine job of breaking down how to effectively chase several popular species of fish with the Balloon Fishing Clip.

We were not surprised.

“We created the Balloon Fishing Clip with freshwater and saltwater anglers in mind,” says Jon Bos, CEO of Balloon Fisher King and the brain behind the Balloon Fishing Clip. “Whether an angler is chasing crappie, catfish and stripers in freshwater or tuna, shark, wahoo, cobia and kingfish in the salt, the clip has a plce on their boat.”

Please read the blog and let us know what you think in the comments below. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us.

Balloon Fishing For Cobia: Enjoy Battle Without The Hassle

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If you’ve never used balloons to fish for cobia, now is the time to start. You’re likely well aware of how fun it is to chase the species, which grow to impressive lengths and weights and delight anglers with at-the-surface strikes. But balloon fishing for cobia is one of the most effective and exciting ways to target the fish.

The Go-Anywhere Balloon Fishing Rig For Cobia

Aside from being one of the best fish as table fare on the planet, cobia are some of the gamest creatures to be chased anywhere. This explains why, during the summer months, anglers head out in droves to fish for them. Cobia—found from the Atlantic Seaboard to the Gulf of Mexico in the U.S., to South America, the African coast, Asia and Australia—are targeted by all manner of lures and baits.

But the most popular means of targeting the fish is with cut bait and live bait, which are ideal for use with balloon fishing rigs.

Since the fish are typically found near the surface during the warmer months, a balloon fishing rig is perfect for keeping cut bait or live pinfish high in the water column for hungry cobia. The problem typically posed by balloon rigs when chasing cobia is the fish are prone to taking long runs, making for quite a bit of hassle when an angler is forced to fight a balloon, swivels and such, in addition to the fish.

What’s more, as the fish gets closer to the boat and starts to jump and flail, the balloon can foul the eye of the rod, resulting in lost fish.

All Excitement, No Hassle

With the Balloon Fishing Clip, fishing for cobia with a balloon is anything but a hassle. 

Because the Clip, not the balloon, is fastened to the line, removal and installation of a balloon is a breeze. You simply insert the fishing line into the Balloon Fishing Clip’s line cavity, then insert an inflated balloon, and you’re ready to fish. Then, when you need to remove the clip, you press the line removal button and the balloon is free.

That’s it.

What’s more, the clip, which moves up and down the line to control depth, keeps your bait in the strike zone, no matter what depth the fish are hanging out in.

The clips are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater.

If you are going after cobia this month, you owe it to yourself to try the Balloon Fishing Clip.

The Balloon Fishing Clip is available as part of the company’s Pro Packs and Starter Kits, both of which also contains balloons. For a complete listing of the company’s products, visit the website.

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Balloon Fishing For Kingfish Will Never Be The Same With The Balloon Fishing Clip

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Steele Park, a North Carolina charter captain, has plenty of experience with balloon fishing. He knows the benefits of fastening a balloon to his line, which allows him to keep his bait at the desired depth. He also likes that fishing with balloons makes it easier to place more lines in the water.

Unfortunately, Park is also aware of the negatives of fastening balloons to line, which includes the hassle of removing the tangles of rubber from the line after a balloon bursts.

So when Park had his first experience with the Balloon Fishing Clip, he was beyond excited. He saw it as money in the bank.

The Balloon Fishing Clip Simplifies The Process

“Before, when I was tying balloons directly to the lines, you had to worry about the balloons spinning (in the wind) while the boat was moving, so we couldn’t tie it on until we were ready to fish, and the (spent) balloons can be a pain to remove from the line,” said Park, who competes in kingfish tournaments. “This clip removes that margin for error, and when you one fish can be worth $50,ooo, any margin of error we can remove is helpful.”

The Balloon Fishing Clip is ideal anytime depth control is paramount, be that in freshwater or saltwater. It fastens to the line easily, requires very little effort to fasten balloons to and can be removed from the line just as easily.

Park, who primarily fishes with live bait, has found the Balloon Fishing Clip to be a tool that removes most of the hassles normally associated with balloon fishing, which allows him to concentrate on catching fish.

He likes to use balloons to put out multiple lines when slow trolling, a popular technique for those chasing kings. The balloons keep the bait—typically menhaden—in the strike zone.

But a major hassle in the past has been that the pre-rigged balloons spin around the line, causing tangles, as the angler searches for fish. The remedy had been to wait until he’d arrived at his fishing spot to begin rigging, something that can take 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how many rigs he has to set up.

More Time Fighting Fish, Less Time Fighting Balloons

It was a potentially expensive hassle.

“The more time you have in the water, the more chances you have for success,” he adds.

Now that he’s been using the Balloon Fishing Clip, Park is able to keep numerous rigs at the ready, and he doesn’t need to concern himself with removing those annoying pieces of twisted rubber from his line any more.

“The Balloon Fishing Clip really makes fishing with balloons a lot more efficient,” Park says. “Balloon fishing is now a whole lot easier with this clip.”

If you use our Balloon Fishing Clip to land a nice catch this summer, give us a shout. We’d love to show your catch on our Fish Tales page.

How Do You Tie A Balloon On Fishing Line?

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When folks ask us how to tie a balloon on fishing line, our answer is simple: You don’t. With the Balloon Fishing Clip, there is no longer a need for anyone to tie a balloon directly onto fishing line. The clip takes care of that for you. We created the clip to simplify what can be a cumbersome, messy endeavor when balloon fishing—tying the balloon to line and getting it to stay in place—and we’d like to think we got it right.

The Balloon Fishing Clip does all the work for you.

Here’s how it works…

1. Press the release/lock button on the side of the item, then insert fishing line into the balloon clip’s line cavity and release the button, locking the line into place. (Depth is adjusted by depressing the release/lock button and sliding the clip up or down line.)

2. Inflate the balloon.

3. Tie a knot at the base of the balloon to prevent air from leaking out.

4. Insert the knot into the notch on the side of the clip.

5. Stretch the balloon, inserting the neck of the balloon into a cavity on the top of the clip.

That’s it. You are ready to go fishing. Add bait and hit the water. When a strike results in the balloon bursting, you simply remove the remnants of the balloon from the clip and repeat the process. (Removal of the balloon fishing clip from the line is as simple as pressing the release button.)

Our goal was to ensure anglers never had to fasten a balloon directly to fishing line again when balloon fishing. Try the Balloon Fishing Clip for yourself, and we’re sure you won’t go back.

Visit our purchase page for more information about Balloon Fisher King products, including the clips.


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With the one-of-a-kind clip there is no longer a need for any balloon fisherman to fiddle with tying balloons to line, which becomes a hassle with erman t=S







ICAST 2013 Was A Worthwhile Investment for Balloon Fisher King

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Whew! It sure feels good to be back in our own beds after a long week at ICAST 2013 in Las Vegas. The entire Balloon Fisher King family had a blast at the show, so much so, we did not want to leave. It was great seeing all of the people and the products, but most significant for us was getting to meet the vendors and customers for our entire line of balloon fishing products.

It was humbling to see the support Balloon Fisher King has in the sportfishing community

Lessons Learned By Balloon Fisher King At ICAST 2013

There were a number of key takeaways from ICAST 2013, but here are a few that immediately come to find.

1. It’s about community. Going into ICAST 2o13, we expected there to be a vibrant show with a strong contingent of media members and vendors. We were correct. However, never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that the show would be as alive and busy as it was. The show floor was throbbing with hordes of attendees, all of whom seemed excited to take part in the show and revel in the new goodies for the coming year. If ICAST is not something you have experienced, put it on your calendar for 2014.

2. Supporting the sport must be a priority. It’s impossible to look around the room at ICAST and not feel that, with such great numbers of interested, invested parties, we can all do so much more for our fisheries. At Balloon Fisher King, we are going to actively seek out ways to be a part of preserving the health and vitality of fisheries across the country. We have heard great things about Keep America Fishing, so the organization seems like a logical place to start for information and insight. You should join us in supporting the sport we all love.

3. Balloon fishing is a big deal from coast to coast. We created the Balloon Fishing Clip as a means of helping to simplify what had grown to become a cumbersome way to fish. The goal was to give anglers a tool to simply balloon fishing, making it more enjoyable and more fun. Based on comments we received from ICAST 2013, we were successful. The Balloon Fishing Clip, sold as part of our Pro Packs and Starter Packs, captured lots of attention from anglers and vendors, many of whom had never seen the products before.

We are proud to have been a part of ICAST 2013. Balloon Fisher King is looking forward to making the trek to ICAST an annual occurrence.

Tell us what you enjoyed most about ICAST 2013.

Balloon Fisher King Is Headed To ICAST 2013

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Just in case you cannot tell, we’re excited to make our trek to ICAST 2013, a venue we’ve had penciled in on our calendar for months. Like many of you, we’ve heard nothing but great things about previous ICASTs, so it’s unbelievable that Balloon Fisher King gets to be a part of the event, showcasing our entire line of balloon fishing products for the first time at the ICAST.

Taking Balloon Fisher King To The World’s Largest Sportfishing Tackle Show

As enthused as we are to show our products to the world, being tackle fans at heart, we are also looking forward to seeing all the other goodies from companies around the world. The wealth of new products in various categories will be a sight to behold. And if what we’ve heard is any indication, ICAST 2013 will be an event Balloon Fisher King won’t soon forget.

Right Time, Right Place, Right Balloon Fishing Products

What’s more, the show comes at the optimal time for our company. We recently introduced some new SKUs in our balloon fishing line. Our new Pro Packs, which feature 5 Balloon Fishing Clips and 10 balloons, are the result of numerous requests by anglers and retailers. (The balloons are available as 5-inch or 9-inch.) The responses we’ve received so far have been very favorable. ICAST 2013, however, is the official launch party for the products.

But don’t take our word for it. Come by booth 1230 and see for yourself. If you’re not attending the show, keep your eyes on the site for updates throughout the week. We plan on sharing some the happenings from the show floor as the week progresses. Balloon Fisher King is rearing to go for ICAST 2013.