Balloon Clip Also Effective As A Weight Clip

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Balloon Fisher King balloon clips are also growing fast in popularity as a quick and easy, adjustable down weight or down bait weight clip for either live or dead bait.  You can use them with or without a balloon and whether drifting or slow trolling…the principal is the same to drop your bait into the water column at the desired depth.  The technique has become quite common for shark fisherman.  Here’s a short video from Florida Sportfishing Magazine to show how it’s done –

Balloon Fishing With Biodegradable Balloons From Balloon Fisher King

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It’s no secret that balloons are quite effective as a live or dead bait float.  But…there is a “material” difference in the quality of Balloon Fisher King balloons.  We don’t use inferior, “party store” balloons made from harmful synthetic latex or plastic materials which can easily pop or tear.  We use only high quality, 100% natural latex, biodegradable balloons which are environmentally friendly, and exclusive only to Balloon Fisher King.  One can easily reuse the same balloon throughout the day, then dispose of it properly when finished.  So when fishing with balloons, please use Balloon Fisher King balloons!

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Kayak Fishing with Balloon Fisher King

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More and more kayak anglers are finding out about and fast becoming users of Balloon Fisher King.  Kayak fishing is all about efficiency, so the reasons are pretty straight forward.

Balloon Fisher King is an ideal suspension float for any type of live or dead bait.  The balloon clips are reusable, allow for balloon attachment and removal from fishing line in seconds, and provide precise bait depth control for under the surface or off bottom structure.  The balloons don’t take up limited space on a kayak like traditional floats.  Plus the balloons are high quality, 100% natural latex and will not pop or tear easily like cheap, synthetic latex balloons, so you can use the same balloon throughout the entire day.

Mark Patterson of the North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association (NCKFA) uses Balloon Fisher King for kingfish and spanish mackerel in saltwater and hybrid bass and night-time flathead catfish (using Night Fisher) in freshwater.  Captain Jerry Dilsaver a regular speaker at NCKFA kayak fishing seminars has this to say about Balloon Fisher King, “I like that it can be added or removed quickly and doesn’t leave a wrap on the line like the rubber bands I was using.” 

Word of mouth travels fast and that is good news for Balloon Fisher King with kayak anglers!

FREE PRO PACK 5″ OFFER:  We’re always looking for new pictures or video for our website gallery, so send us your pictures or video of any fish landed using Balloon Fisher King (include the balloon clip + balloon in the image) and we’ll send you a FREE Pro Pack with 5″ inch Balloons (includes 5 balloon clips + 10 5″ latex balloons).  Send the pictures or video along with your name and shipping address to


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Shark Fishing with Balloon Fisher King

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Some days, when the conditions are good, it’s fun to just go out and mess around.  Recently, I did that with my wife, my 11 year old son, one of his good buddies, and a neighbor friend of mine on an afternoon half-day charter with Capt. Brant McMullen of Ocean Isle Fishing Center –

With the Spanish nowhere to be found nearshore that afternoon, and the kingfish still scattered from all the recent rainfall, our plan was to hit some of the local reefs within 10 miles off the Brunswick county beaches to see if we could find a few blacktip shark for some fun.  We were not disappointed.

We used Spanish Mackerel as cut bait along with Bluerunners, Grey Trout and “noisy” Croakers as live bait (the boys caught them off the bottom using sabiki rigs) all afternoon under Balloon Fisher King rigs.  We had 3 lines out and the action was constant with strikes on all the lines, including double hook-ups.  We had a few break offs, but otherwise the Balloon Clips worked flawlessly and we ended up landing black nose, lemon and several blacktip sharks including one 5 footer which my son’s friend battled for about 40 minutes.

It was a fun offshore day and can’t wait to do it again!





Balloon Fisher King Headed To 2014 ICAST

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Next week from July 15 – 18 the world’s largest sportfishing trade show, better known as ICAST, will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL buy azithromycin.  Balloon Fisher King is very excited to once again be an exhibitor at ICAST!

This year’s ICAST show will be hosting 10,000+ members of the global recreational fishing industry.  ICAST is the premier showcase for the latest innovations in fishing gear, accessories and apparel.  The ICAST show also presents the annual New Product Showcase which is the #1 reason why many people come to ICAST to see the newest sportfishing industry products before they are unveiled to the fishing public.  At this year’s ICAST show, Balloon Fisher King will participate in the New Product Showcase with Night Fisher – a first of it’s kind “night time balloon fishing kit”.  To find out more about Night Fisher click here.

If you are a retailer, distributor, or media member, please stop by and visit Balloon Fisher King at exhibit #2442.

To find out more about 2014 ICAST visit

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Balloon Fisher King A Sponsor For 2014 OIFC / Jolly Mon King Classic

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It’s that time again.  Schools of King Mackerel are now beginning to show offshore off the coasts of North Carolina and South Carolina so it must be kingfish tournament time.  Once again, Ocean Isle Fishing Center will kick-off the area kingfish tournament season with the annual OIFC / Capt. Brant’s Jolly Mon King Classic this coming weekend from June 26 – 29 in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

The Jolly Mon King Classic is one of the largest king mackerel tournaments in the Southeast every year and this year is no exception with 250+ boat entrants already registered and still more expected before the weekend.

Balloon Fisher King balloon clips are commonly used by many kingfish anglers in the area for suspending “anxious” live bait under a balloon over bottom structure to draw frenzied kings to the surface to pick off an easy meal.  One of THE coolest things to watch is a hyped up kingfish skying out of the water to pounce on a live pogie, mullet or bluefish suspended under a balloon with nowhere to run (or dive).  Balloon Fisher King is very proud to again support the 2014 OIFC / Jolly Mon King Classic as a product sponsor.

OIFC Jolly Mon tournament operator Captain Brant McMullan had this to say about the Jolly Mon King Classic and Balloon Fisher King…..

“The King Mackerel are showing up just as the Jolly Mon is set to take place this coming weekend, setting the stage for a perfect storm fishing event “no pun intended- hopefully”.  As the Kings move over structure in the 50-70’ depth range, they respond well to anchor fishing while chumming as it stimulates competitive feeding amongst the Kings.  Floating live baits under balloons rigged with the Balloon Fisher King is a formula for Kingfishing success anytime, but this weekend it might be the formula to a victory in the Jolly Mon King Classic.”

To find out more or to register for the 2014 OIFC / Jolly Mon King Classic visit OIFC Fishing Tournaments here.

OIFC is also a Balloon Fisher King dealer and carries plenty of Pro Pack 5″ (5 balloon clips + 10 5″ natural latex balloons) inventory which are ideal for kingfishing.

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Balloon Fisher King at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

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Big thanks to our friends at Florida Sport Fishing Magazine for representing Balloon Fisher King at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show beginning tomorrow and running thru next Monday.  This is a massive, annual show with a premier, international sportfishing audience.

Florida Sport Fishing will be distributing Balloon Fisher King Starter Packs to new subscribers of Florida Sport Fishing Magazine learn this here now.  If you will be attending, stop by the Florida Sport Fishing exhibit in the Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention movie Power Rangers 2017 nowstreaming John Wick: Chapter 2 2017 film

Balloon Fisher King is the “original” balloon fishing clip and provides a quick and easy way to attach / detach a balloon to any fishing line type, plus provides bait depth control, and uses only 100% natural latex, biodegradeable balloons.

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Balloon Fishing For Cobia: Enjoy Battle Without The Hassle

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If you’ve never used balloons to fish for cobia, now is the time to start. You’re likely well aware of how fun it is to chase the species, which grow to impressive lengths and weights and delight anglers with at-the-surface strikes. But balloon fishing for cobia is one of the most effective and exciting ways to target the fish.

The Go-Anywhere Balloon Fishing Rig For Cobia

Aside from being one of the best fish as table fare on the planet, cobia are some of the gamest creatures to be chased anywhere. This explains why, during the summer months, anglers head out in droves to fish for them. Cobia—found from the Atlantic Seaboard to the Gulf of Mexico in the U.S., to South America, the African coast, Asia and Australia—are targeted by all manner of lures and baits.

But the most popular means of targeting the fish is with cut bait and live bait, which are ideal for use with balloon fishing rigs.

Since the fish are typically found near the surface during the warmer months, a balloon fishing rig is perfect for keeping cut bait or live pinfish high in the water column for hungry cobia. The problem typically posed by balloon rigs when chasing cobia is the fish are prone to taking long runs, making for quite a bit of hassle when an angler is forced to fight a balloon, swivels and such, in addition to the fish.

What’s more, as the fish gets closer to the boat and starts to jump and flail, the balloon can foul the eye of the rod, resulting in lost fish.

All Excitement, No Hassle

With the Balloon Fishing Clip, fishing for cobia with a balloon is anything but a hassle. 

Because the Clip, not the balloon, is fastened to the line, removal and installation of a balloon is a breeze. You simply insert the fishing line into the Balloon Fishing Clip’s line cavity, then insert an inflated balloon, and you’re ready to fish. Then, when you need to remove the clip, you press the line removal button and the balloon is free.

That’s it.

What’s more, the clip, which moves up and down the line to control depth, keeps your bait in the strike zone, no matter what depth the fish are hanging out in.

The clips are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater.

If you are going after cobia this month, you owe it to yourself to try the Balloon Fishing full film Ghost in the Shell 2017

The Balloon Fishing Clip is available as part of the company’s Pro Packs and Starter Kits, both of which also contains balloons. For a complete listing of the company’s products, visit the website.

(photo credit: bevank via photopin cc)

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