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Why Did We Create Balloon Fisher King Kits?

Balloon fishing is really nothing new and has been around for years and used for saltwater, freshwater, offshore, nearshore, inshore, lake and river fishing.  The intent is for a balloon to serve as a large float, suspending either live or dead bait at the desired depth under the surface of water, within the water column, or off the bottom.  The balloon is usually attached to the fishing line via time-consuming, jury-rigged attachment and removal methods that include tying, rubber bands or swivels, among many other techniques. 

The Balloon Fisher King system was specifically designed to make balloon fishing faster, easier and far more effective than ever before. The custom Balloon Clip is re-usable, quick and easy to use, attaches and removes a balloon from fishing line in just seconds, and provides precise bait depth control.  We also use only high quality, biodegradable, 100% natural latex balloons (ie., plant-based) which are easier on the environment compared to inferior, synthetic party store balloons which typically also pop very easily.

What Makes the Balloon Fisher King Clips and Balloons Different From Other Similar Products?

Live bait balloons alone have no time-saving, custom attachment or detachment device, lack any secure depth control, and are synthetic and harmful to the environment. Most bobbers are not large enough to hold sizable live or dead bait close to the surface nor will they provide a realistic bait presentation. Floats take up space, can be time consuming to attach, and remove and also do not provide a desired, natural bait presentation. Fishing without a float results in anglers losing the ability to control bait depth and movement. Balloon Fisher King products are unique and efficient because the clips are re-useable, and allow for fast, easy and more effective balloon fishing. 

Balloon Fisher King latex balloons are made from 100% plant-based, natural latex - not synthetic latex or plastic components with harmful chemicals. Latex balloons originate from rubber trees in rain forests, whereby the latex is harvested by scoring the tree's bark, then collecting the latex in container devises. A rubber tree can produce latex for up to 40 years! The rubber trees are not harmed in the process and latex harvesting avoids clear cutting or deforestation. Balloon Fisher King latex balloons are biodegradable and begin to decompose as soon as they are inflated or exposed to sunlight or outdoor conditions. Natural latex balloons decompose at a rate similar to an oak leaf in your own backyard. A natural latex balloon is thicker and will not pop or tear nearly as easily as a synthetic latex balloon. If a Balloon Fisher King balloon does pop during a fish strike, the balloon clip was designed to retain the neck and knot of the balloon so only shards are released into the environment.

Who Needs Balloon Fisher King Kits?

Every angler should have Balloon Fisher King kits in their tackle drawer or tackle box. It’s the ideal, situational, suspension float for all types of fishing, including saltwater or freshwater drifting, free-lining or live-lining, surf, bank or pier fishing, kayak fishing or any other form of angling where bait suspension and controlling bait depth is important.

What Species Were the Kits Designed For?

Saltwater species include most pelagics and predator fish such as king and spanish mackerel, sailfish, shark, cobia, striped bass, tuna, mahi, tarpon, wahoo, swordfish, white sea bass, bluefish, redfish, and many more.   Freshwater predator species include muskie, walleye, northern pike, catfish, and freshwater striper, hybrids, and largemouth bass.

You're a Freshwater-Only Angler; So Why Should You Purchase One of Our Kits?

The benefits of Balloon Fisher King are the same for the freshwater angler as they are for the saltwater fisherman.  If you are using large live or dead bait and need to keep the offering at the desired depth under the surface or off the bottom, our balloon clips allow for precise depth control and can be attached and removed in a matter of seconds.

Are Balloon Fisher King Kits Ideal for Kayak Anglers?

The interest from both freshwater and saltwater kayak anglers in Balloon Fisher King has been very strong and continues to grow.  Convenience and efficiency is key for any kayak fisherman.  Many kayak anglers who have used Balloon Fisher King kits like the product because it is re-usable over time, quick and easy to use, requires minimal storage space compared to floats and large bobbers, and the depth control feature works great for any fishery, no matter how large or small, shallow or deep.

Which Balloon Fisher King Pack Should You Use?

We created the two Starter Pack sizes as a means for anglers to "test drive" Balloon Fisher King products.  The Starter Pack contains one balloon clip and either 10 5 inch or 10 9 inch latex balloons.  The 5 inch balloons are for live or dead bait under 2 pounds and the 9 inch balloons are for bait size 2 pounds up to 10 pounds.  Since the 9 inch balloons are larger and hold more air, they can also function effectively as a "sail" to convey live or dead bait to a desired location where fish are located.

Our best sellers are the two Pro Pack multi-clip options for the heavy user.  The Pro Pack 5 inch option includes 5 balloon clips and 10 (5 inch) latex balloons and the Pro Pack 9 inch option includes 5 balloon clips and 10 (9 inch) latex balloons)

We also offer two Balloon Clip Pack options with balloon clips only.  Both are 5 count with one item being the regualr balloon clip and the other being the "heavy mono" for attachment to 150 lb. monofilament line and higher.  Balloon Refill Packs are available in 5 inch or 9 inch sizes and are balloon replenishment items and do not contain clips.

Do Balloon Fisher King Clips Work With Only Certain Types of Fishing Line?

Balloon Fisher King clips are quite versatile and ideal for any 20-lb monofilament or 30-lb braided line and higher.  Recently, Balloon Fisher King introduced an "heavy mono" clip for attachment to 150 lb. monofilament line and higher.  The balloon clips are made from a hard, durable plastic material that includes a stainless steel spring. There are no abrasive properties to the plastic material so the clip will not nick or cut the fishing line.  The clips are designed to hold up well against marine and weather conditions and provide anglers with many uses over time.  (TIP - To lengthen the balloon clip life cycle make sure to rinse with clean, fresh water after each use.)

Where Can You Find Our Products?

Balloon Fisher King products are currently being offered thru several large US distributors, so Balloon Fisher King is already available in over two hundred fishing tackle retailers nationwide with more store locations joining the network every week.  You can search the Retail Locator at the bottom of the page for a location near you.  If you do not see Balloon Fisher King products on the shelves of your local tackle store or marine center, ask the store to carry the products you are interested in.  Or if you prefer, direct orders are also available thru the Online Store on the website Purchase page here.

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