Balloon Fisher King Donates Starter Kits To Cape Fear River Watch StriperFest

Balloon Fisher King was recently on hand to provide Starter Kits to the participants of the Cape Fear River Watch StriperFest, an annual event taking place in Wilmington, N.C. The tag and release tournament, held Jan. 18 and 19, featured more than 40 entrants, including some of the most respected striper fishing captains in the area.

We heard great things from the  anglers who received the Starter Kits, and that’s good news because the kits were created with anglers in mind.

Ballon Fisher King Starter Kits include a truly innovative product, one that retailers and anglers have quickly taken a liking to. The Balloon Fishing Clip allows anglers to use balloons without all the fuss normally associated with balloon fishing. To use the clip, an angler simply pushes the release/lock button on the side of the item, then inserts fishing line into the balloon clip’s line cavity and releases the button, locking the line into place. (Depth is adjusted by depressing the release/lock button and sliding the clip up or down line.)

Once the balloon is inflated, and a knot tied to prevent air from leaking out, the knot is inserted into a notch on the side of the clip before the angler stretches the balloon and inserts the neck of the balloon into a cavity on the top of the clip. That’s it. Simply bait and fish. What’s more, the clips are suitable for freshwater and saltwater and are rated for a line diameter of 20-pound-test monofilament, or larger.

And for striper anglers, the setup is right in their wheelhouse

While the Balloon Fisher King Starter Kits have many offshore, nearshore, and inshore uses as a balloon fishing rig, it’s a natural fit for striper fishing, where baits are chased near the surface antibiotic azithromycin. The balloons that come with the Starter Kit are 5-inch latex, perfect for this style of fishing, as they are ideal for fishing live and cut bait weighing 2 pounds and under.

The balloons keep they baits near the baits near the surface, but are not so large that they impede the movement of the forage.

We’re guessing that tournament anglers were successful with our Starter Kits, since the products have grown in popularity since the event.

To see the entire line of Balloon Fisher King products, including the Starter Kits, visit our purchase page or look for a dealer near you.

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