How to Use



Balloon Fisher King is quick and easy to use. The patented balloon clip allows for balloon attachment and removal to fishing line in just seconds and provides adjustable bait depth control!

Here are simple step instructions on how to use Balloon Fisher King:

  • Step 1: Attach the balloon clip to the fishing line depending on your desired bait depth setting. Push the button firmly on the side of the balloon clip. Insert the fishing line into the line cavity. Release the button to lock the fishing line into place.
  • Step 2: Blow up the latex balloon and tie a knot at the neck. 
  • Step 3: Insert the balloon knot BEHIND the notch on the side of the balloon clip. Stretch the balloon neck and insert all the way into the cavity at the top of the balloon clip.
  • Step 4: Add bait and fish!
  • Step 5: When landing fish, press button to remove balloon clip and balloon from line. If balloon pops or tears due to a fish strike, remove the balloon from the balloon clip, inflate a new balloon and repeat!




Short, informational “How To Fish With Balloons Video” from BlacktipH featuring Balloon Fisher King

Florida Sport Fishing Magazine demo video using Balloon Fisher King balloon clips while live bait fishing off the beaches of Miami.

Captain Frank Crescitelli with Fin Chaser Charters conducts a Balloon Fisher King offshore demo for shark and tuna fishing

Balloon Fisher King founder takes his demo to the waters off Oak Island, North Carolina

Captain Joe James demos Balloon Fisher King for freshwater striped bass