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Balloon Fishing for Kingfish in New Zealand

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Here’s a recent pic provided by a customer in New Zealand using Balloon Fisher King balloon clips.  Recognize this monster fish? In New Zealand it’s called a kingfish.  In the US, it’s an amberjack (aka, “reef donkey” and for good reason…).  Balloon Fisher King provides 100% natural latex, biodegradable balloons in many sizes based on bait weight, but larger 9″ balloons are used as floats by many NZ anglers since the live bait used to target big kingfish are usually 4 to 6 lb “kahawai” and also mackerel which would easily pull a 5″ balloon under. Big baits for big fish!

Pier Fishing With Balloon Fisher King

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It’s always great to receive positive Balloon Fisher King testimonials. Here’s one recently received from an angler in Venice FL that uses Balloon Fisher King for pier fishing and also with a sabiki rig for bait fish. Check out the picture of the bait fish haul in just 1 hour!

“I have no words to explain how effective at catching fish this Balloon Clip is. I am a professional fisherman fishing about 2-3 times a week. And this clip has not only helped me catch game fish like Shark, Cobia, Barracuda, and Kingfish, but I have never caught so many baitfish on Hook & Line in one day in my life just using this clip. Truly the best new product on the market.”

Balloon Fishing For Sailfish

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Thanks much to one of our BFK customers for sharing this pic of a nice Gulf of Mexico sailfish recently caught while using Balloon Fisher King clips and balloons and blue runners for live bait.

Balloon Fishing For Striped Bass

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Probably most common freshwater species for balloon fishing is striped bass for live baiting. Thanks for this pic from customer Kurt Halter who said “works great!” using a BFK balloon clip with shad as live bait to land this nice striper from Lake Murray in Lexington, SC.

Balloon Clip Also Effective As A Weight Clip

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Balloon Fisher King balloon clips are also growing fast in popularity as a quick and easy, adjustable down weight or down bait weight clip for either live or dead bait.  You can use them with or without a balloon and whether drifting or slow trolling…the principal is the same to drop your bait into the water column at the desired depth.  The technique has become quite common for shark fisherman.  Here’s a short video from Florida Sportfishing Magazine to show how it’s done –

Shark Fishing with Balloon Fisher King

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Some days, when the conditions are good, it’s fun to just go out and mess around.  Recently, I did that with my wife, my 11 year old son, one of his good buddies, and a neighbor friend of mine on an afternoon half-day charter with Capt. Brant McMullen of Ocean Isle Fishing Center –

With the Spanish nowhere to be found nearshore that afternoon, and the kingfish still scattered from all the recent rainfall, our plan was to hit some of the local reefs within 10 miles off the Brunswick county beaches to see if we could find a few blacktip shark for some fun.  We were not disappointed.

We used Spanish Mackerel as cut bait along with Bluerunners, Grey Trout and “noisy” Croakers as live bait (the boys caught them off the bottom using sabiki rigs) all afternoon under Balloon Fisher King rigs.  We had 3 lines out and the action was constant with strikes on all the lines, including double hook-ups.  We had a few break offs, but otherwise the Balloon Clips worked flawlessly and we ended up landing black nose, lemon and several blacktip sharks including one 5 footer which my son’s friend battled for about 40 minutes.

It was a fun offshore day and can’t wait to do it again!





Balloon Fisher King Makes Donation At North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association Meeting

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Thanks to the good folks of the North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association/Coastal, we were able to be on hand for a recent meeting at the Great Outdoor Provision Co. There was a great deal of interest in the Balloon Fisher King Starter Kits we donated at the event.

The kits contain our innovative balloon fishing clips, in addition to 10 balloons, which together create a first-of-its-kind balloon fishing setup.

Visit our website for more information.