Balloon Fishing For Australian Giant Herring

While the fishing season may be in hibernation for the most part here in the US and northern hemisphere, it is in full swing “down under” in countries like Australia and New Zealand where balloon fishing is already quite popular.  Here’s a recent testimonial from an Australian angler who fished with balloons and used Balloon Fisher King balloon clips….
“First time we used the balloon clips in Queensland Australia on holiday we caught this fantastic Giant Herring 105 cm long (converted to 41 inches!!!), almost an Australian record!”- Richard Lyons, Victoria Australia
Richard confirmed this fish was caught using a medium size mullet as live bait on 15 lb. test mono.  Giant Herring are a member of the bonefish family and like their species cousin are typically found in shallow water estuaries.  Balloon Fisher King clips attach and remove a balloon to fishing line in seconds and provide precise bait depth control even in shallow water conditions.  So this illustrates how balloon fishing has many applications and can also be highly effective for live baiting in shallow water situations.
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